A physiciana€™s declare that sex with challenges may cause miscarriages generated headlines, but this opinion isn’t an aberration in history of Judeo-Christian inspiration.

By Cavan W. Concannon – August 12, 2020

Houston doctor and pastor Stella Immanuel a€” described as a€?spectaculara€? by Donald Trump to be with her campaign of unsubstantiated states about anti-malaria medicine hydroxychloroquine as a a€?curea€? for COVID-19 a€” has some other, extremely non-traditional perspective.

Or thinking that scientists will work on a vaccine to make group little spiritual and this the U.S. government happens to be owned by reptilian beings, Immanuel, the best of a Christian ministry named flames electric power Ministries, also feels gender with challenges brings meet sugar daddy in ohio about miscarriages, impotence, cysts and endometriosis, among more maladies.

It offers popped their around much cruel jokes. But, as a scholar of earlier Christianity, i realize which notion that challenges a€” or dropped angels a€” routinely have sexual intercourse with humans operates deeply within the Jewish and Christian practices. Read More